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Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK

Working in Solidarity with Non-Violent Afghans

‘بدون مرز’ Bedum-e-Marz 
Border Free 

Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul launch their campaign for a border free world


Border Free is the wish of the APV to live without wars, to share resources and to take care of the earth under the same blue sky.

In a world free of borders, they hope for people and friends to work together around climate change, socioeconomic inequalities, militarism with its wars and other global challenges facing humanity today, and wear the Borderfree Blue Scarves while organizing shared solidarity actions as a strong 99%!

“The political and economic mafia of Afghanistan and the world run this country with their guns and bombs,” says Abdulhai, a 17 year old Afghan Peace Volunteer. “We the people are helpless, unless we stand together.” 


60% of Afghan children are malnourished. In 2012, at least 2500 Afghan women committed suicide. And over the past four decades, Afghan families have lost at least 2 million loved ones to wars.


Such glaring disparities and inequalities of Wealth and Power make ordinary Afghans like us, the Afghan Peace Volunteers, feel occasionally frustrated, de-humanized and lonely.


The APV wish to play a small part in humanity’s work towards a better world. 


No more war! No more economic exploitation by the 1%! No more destruction of the earth and climate! No more systemic hunger and homelessness! No more brainwashing by the media!

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Get your Borderfree Blue Scarf from VCNV UK by emailing

All proceeds go the the APV who make and distribute the scarves, funds allow the group to sustain itself.

"Afghanistan- A New Birth for Mums"- Film maker Janey Moffatt (part of the VCNV UK December delegation) is wroking hard on her film about mothers in Afghanistan. Support the next leg of her project as she starts the editing process- the most costly part is the translation from Dari to English. There are 18 days left on her Kickstarter fundraiser. Janey hopes to launch her campaign on Mothers Day 31st March. She is available for UK talks.

See the kickstarter 2 minute short:
Insecurity Disagreements
by Ewa Jasiewicz (in Kabul)

So as with all Utopian projects, they all have their teething problems. They all have their clashes, conflicts and contradictions. Trying to generate social change from below in a country which has been subject to massive social engineering from above, by successive invaders, colonists and racists, is no small task.

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Fly Kites NOT Drones 21st-23rd March 

In solidarity with Afghanistan, the drone capital of the world, we encourage everyone to Fly Kites NOT Drones during the NowRoz (Afghan New Year) weekend. 

1) Organize a Kite flying event in your area.

2) Vigil at RAF Waddington (UK drone base) on the 21st March.

3) Skype peace makers in Kabul on the 21st March.

4) Join the VCNV UK London Action Saturday 22nd March.

5) Fly kites with Afghans 23rd March.

More info see:

Contact: for a lovely genuine Afghan kite like the ones above

News in Brief from Afghanistan

Elections... as media coverage of the forthcoming Afghan elections heats up (includes adverts on Afghan T.V. convincing the youth with rap music that voting is 'cool'), many Afghans won't bother to vote saying "it makes no difference". This is understandable with lead candidates being war lords and a talk show host, not to mention the full scale vote rigging which went on during the last elections.

For overview reports see:


Majority of Americans think the Afghan war a failure, it hasn't eliminated terrorism, not a surprise as none of the perpetrators of 9/11 were Afghan:

Karzai speaks out against Obama, Afghans say he's trying to rescue his name as the crucial months which will feature in Afghan history currently unfold:
Two rebel members from Panjshir Panache and Kabul Kabooz have got together for a side project - KishMish - on the same Afghan Altitude label. Think Shakespeare's Sister meets Queen Latifah with some PJ Harvey in the mix. This is their album shot for the debut: Koshko ('Listen' in Dari). You heard it here first.

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