Afghanistan: hidden voices from a forgotten war

by Cllr Maya Evans (author) and Felicity Laurence (editor).

We talk about Iraq, we talk about Syria and Palestine – there’s usually a remarkable silence on events in Afghanistan. If we hear about it at all, it’s usually in the context of our soldiers having a hard time – which they undoubtedly do, but…

The story of Afghanistan has become a hidden tragedy. While the people living there suffer on a daily basis from almost unimaginable adversity –the cruelties of incessant conflict, extreme poverty, massive levels of displacement – we turn away, largely unaware of the consequences of our own foreign policy in that heart-breaking place. This small book seeks to bring the light back on to the realities of existence where every day is fraught with peril.

The account given here provides an overview of the current state of affairs in Afghanistan, with a particular focus upon the situation of women. The pertinence of this is ironic; women overall bear the brunt of everything, but it was the cry for their liberation which was used to help legitimate the invasion by the US and the UK of their country. The unique ‘insider’ perspective offered here by Maya Evans and her co-authors informs this ‘snapshot’ of how things are in Afghanistan nearly two decades on from the initial invasion in 2001. – Felicity Laurence, Editor

From the review by Kay Green:
Both Britain and the US have been manipulating events in Afghanistan for nearly two centuries. In real life, that means a people who are born, live and die in the midst of wars and other cataclysms that often make little sense to them.

Author Cllr Maya Evans, the UK co-ordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence and editor Felicity Laurence, Chair of Hastings Community of Sanctuary, bring you this extraordinarily appealing book of photos and personal testimonies. As you turn its pages and meet some of the people there, you realise that, because of our country’s actions, their stories should be understood as a very significant part of our history.

 This book is packed with the voices of women, children and young people – and they do what no amount of news reports seem able to do – they bring the country alive. 

walking towards the cemetery, Kabul

Book launch, photo exhibition & presentations on Tuesday October 8th @OPEN St Leonards-on-Sea
Dr Hakim & Cllr Maya Evans
Chaired by Felicity Laurence (City of Sanctuary)
Free and open to the public.