Afghan Artists Paint Tulips Murals To Honor War Victims

Aug. 30, 2019 photo, independent Afghan artists paints tulips on blast walls in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Nishanuddin Khan/AP)

Artists said the tulips were painted to remember the victims of the war in Afghanistan.

Artists from Afghanistan’s ArtLords painted tulips murals in Kabul and three other provinces to honor the victims of the war in the country.

ArtLords chairman Omaid Sharifi said that so far 25,000 tulips have been painted on surroundings of main some offices in Kabul and other provinces, including the office of Afghanistan’s Human Rights Commission.

He said each tulip represents a victim of war in the country.

“The people of Afghanistan are killed and martyred every day. This is not a statistics only; they all were the humans with many ambitions and hopes and wanted to live, but unfortunately, they are martyred inhumanly and we wanted to honor and remember them at least with one tulip,” Mr. Sharifi said.

Afghanistan’s ArtLords, a group of Afghan activists and artists in Kabul, was nominated for 2019 Freedom of Expression Awards.

The group has painted a series of murals on Kabul walls, highlighting social problems, supporting Afghan forces, defending freedom of expression and women’s rights. Index on Censorship’s Freedom of Expression Awards exists to celebrate individuals or groups who have had a significant impact fighting censorship anywhere in the world.

ArtLords is a grassroots movement of artists and volunteers in Afghanistan who encourage ordinary citizens, especially women and children, to paint murals on issues which concern them. ArtLords completed over 400 murals in 16 provinces of the country. In March 2018, for International Women’s Day, ArtLords painted a tribute to Professor Hamida Barmaki, a human rights defender killed in a terrorist attack six years ago.

From TOLOnews