Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK

We are a peace group who formed 3 years ago to work in solidarity with non-violent Afghan peace makers. Our work is inspired and in collaboration with the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul.

Here’s what we’ve recently been up to:


Afghan Peace Conference 11th October 2014

The Forgotten War & Britain’s Legacy

The conference included Afghan activists, drone researchers, military experts and environmental campaigners who addressed the legacy Britain will leave. There was also a line up of exciting and dynamic workshops which includes: working with the Afghan diaspora; joining the dots; Afghan women and health care; and the Kabul street kids photo project. Read more here.


Fly Kites NOT Drones 21-23 March 2014

A campaign launched by VCNV in collaboration with Afghan activists to highlight the fear and dread armed drones bring to the people of Afghanistan.

kites not drones
Launching the campaign in Kabul
Outside RAF Waddington 21st March

Events up and down the UK, Kabul, the US and Europe.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers flew kites in solidarity, see their short and fun video.

The promotional short video of the campaign.

Delegations to Kabul

2014 Maya Evans returns safely from Afghanistan after a 3 month stay in Kabul

this morning

Read her latest blog: Mother Mariam and Habib

January 2014 Ewa Jasiewicz visits Kabul See her blogs

Ewa and APV on a road trip
Ewa and APV on a road trip


And also APV send a message of solidarity to Barton Moss anti fracking

2013 Peace Delegation Returns from Afghanistan


Janey Moffatt and Beth Tichborne returned safely from Afghanistan having spent 2 weeks in Kabul as part of the 3rd UK peace delegation to the country.

Latest Posts: Land grabs in AfghanistanRemembering Afghan War Dead


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VCNV Delegates are available to speak with groups and organizations in 2014, we are taking bookings now.

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VCNVUK was inspired by the United States organisation Voices for Creative Non Violence, established by Kathy Kelly.

group 2
Front: Maya Evans, Mary Dobbing, Kathy Kelly Back: Susan Clarkson and Martha Hennessy- Kabul 2013

Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK